Lorenza Alatorre



Tel: 740-74-(ODUGA)


Lorenza Alatorre, the founder, is very passionate about baby development and wellbeing, coupled with sustainability and reducing waste. Her lifelong dream is to work and lead a team in a fun and creative environment. This is how the idea of Oduga started, Lorenza envisioned a toy with the ability to grow with a child and reduce the need to spend too much money on multiple toys which are quickly discarded after a few months of use. Lorenza has a strong desire to leave a footprint in the world, by helping parents to choose and use products that will provide long term benefits for their children, while addressing developmental needs. 

The name Oduga (caterpillar in Spanish as said by a child who is starting to talk and doesn’t yet pronounce words perfectly) was inspired by the lifecycle of a caterpillar: it transforms into a butterfly just like Oduga toys transform with babies.